Carly Gordon

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 Carly Gordon is an emerging Canadian artist, currently painting in Edmonton, AB.


Carly was born in Ontario, spent her childhood in Saskatchewan, her teen years in Alberta, then back to Ontario for post-secondary school and adolescent growth. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) in 2015. Since then, she has been included in several group shows, and has moved back across Canada to settle in Edmonton in 2018. Her work has been represented at Perivale Gallery in northern Ontario since 2013, with the owner Shannon McMullan being a key driver in her growth as an artist, teacher, and curator.


To understand the driving force of finding “home” in Carly’s work, we must go back to the beginning. Born in Salt Ste. Marie, Ontario, Carly has moved to twenty two different places, across four provinces, over the last twenty five years. Struggling to answer the question, “where are you from?”, she creates paintings of all the different landscapes she has lived in, and changes where she says she is from regularly. In recent months, Carly has been exploring figurative work in itself, as well as figures in the landscape, and the memories and feelings that those bring up for her and others as they view the work.


Carly’s landscape paintings draw from photos for structural reference. She then lets emotions and memories tied to the location dictate the colours chosen, and the marks that are made. It is through this process that she creates colourful and dynamic work that showcases our Canadian landscape with vibrant and positive energy. She uses primarily oil paint, and a range of brushes and palettes knives to achieve the desired marks. Often using thinned oil paint for the underpainting, she lets it run to show the brightly primed canvas underneath (either orange or hot pink for an electric vibe). Thick brush strokes and palette knife marks create interesting and dynamic paintings.


In 2017, Carly began painting full time from March till November, attending a month long residency on the west coast in the month of May. She then picked up a sales job to move herself to Edmonton permanently, and transitioned back to full time painting in November 2018. She enjoys hiking, cycling, running and yoga, and plays club rugby throughout the year.

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