Gary Matthews

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Artist Statement

Turned and finished with beautiful grain patterns...


Gary turns bowls of various shapes and sizes.


They range in size from 12 inches in diameter to 28 inches in diameter.


They are round, oval or even rectangular.


They come with smooth edges, barked edges or waned.


Gary hand picks logs from various logging sites throughout Eastern Ontario. His wood of choice is red maple because of its unique grain patterns, producing an array of designs so that each bowl is a one-of-a-kind creation. He also uses cherry wood, ash and hickory.


People purchase Gary’s bowls for many different uses. They are beautiful, yet very functional, for salads, breads, pastas, fruit or even as a decorative show piece for your home.



Each piece is made with care, patience and many hours of work.


For over 20 years Gary Matthews has been turning wooden salad bowls and burls on a handmade lathe in his workshop near the village of Tamworth, Ontario, Canada.

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