Guy Rheaume

Stained Glass Art


Guy Rheaume, stained glass artist, is from Northern Ontario Canada.  His distinctive personal style emanates the calmness and complexity of nature’s beauty and captures majestic wildlife animals from Northern Ontario. His love for the outdoors and nature inspires him to capture these elements and makes them come to life in his works.


   After surviving a nearly fatal car accident in 2004, part of Guy’s rehabilitation was learning stained glass art.  Successfully achieving his first simple piece, he challenged himself to progressing to the next level creating more complex works.  As his technique was developing, his creativity was of utmost quality.  Placing his stained glass art in snowshoes made the works complex and captivating capturing the harmony of his work.  He gave his works as gifts to his health professionals and close family members.  Each piece of art was created and personalized for every individual.


This road has led Guy to an inspiring, healing and calming hidden talent!


Guy Rheaume’s stained glass pieces can be viewed at Perivale Gallery in Spring Bay on Manitoulin Island.  





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