Hadyn Butler

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Artist Statement



The great advantage of modern varieties of stained glass for portraiture is the capacity of the medium to change both mood and appearance by using ambient transmitted light - something that does not occur on the static surface of a painting of the usual type (as a simple reflective surface).  By allowing the outside or inside “landscape” to be transmitted through the glass, surprising effects are presented. The stained glass portrait is not an object on its own - an unexpected set of views is presented since the field of colours, shapes, changes and values of the outside-inside ambient light are part of the experience.  Stained glass of this type changes with the daily lighting conditions, the weather, or a passing truck.  This is not traditional painted-on-glass portraiture, but an expression of colour and light (batteries not required).  The artist has been honing the required techniques for 30 years.    



Hadyn Butler's stained glass works for  residential, commercial and ecclesiastic  installation  are found  across Canada, the USA and Russia. Hadyn was featured in the 2016 Spring edition of Arabella Magazine - Canadian Art, Architecture and Design  Here is a video about this amazingly creative artist: https://youtu.be/SDnI84smqiI?feature=shared

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