Holly Dean

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Artist Statement

My life as an artist was shaped by an enduring love of books, words and letter forms. Through the exploration of typography, calligraphy and bookbinding I found a way of expressing my creativity. Wonderfully, all chosen paths have branches that lead to further discovery. I experiment with a myriad of art mediums: paint, wax, ink, oil pastel, photography — realizing my quest to integrate text and art.


I work intuitively, concealing and revealing my thoughts and emotions. Pieces evolve in organic layers of collage and paint, fluid lines of calligraphy and shapely curves of letter forms. My art embodies an age-old quality: an underlying connection to the mythologies that shape my life.


Holly Dean's mixed media art comes to life through an alchemical process: layers of colour, texture and words. Classical and fantasy literature, abbey ruins, ancient trees and decorated manuscript pages inspire her abstract art - described as "often medieval in mood".


Holly was born into a creative and entrepreneurial family. She grew up in the rolling hills of Uxbridge, Ontario, where her lovely mother fed her creative imagination and her British father instilled in her his love of England. Every day brings an opportunity for Holly to pursue her creative quest of melding past and present through her art.


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