Judy Martin

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Artist Statement

Canadian artist Judith E. Martin creates poetic  hand-stitched textiles informed by memoir and nature. Her pieces are exhibited internationally and are included in several museum collections, such as the International Quilt Museum in Nebraska, USA.  Born and raised in North Western Ontario, Judy has lived on Manitoulin Island for over 30 years.  The art that she shares with visitors to Perivale Gallery each season is about being present in our precious world.  Her work is about care.


"I love being with needle and thread, allowing my mind to wander as I put rhythmic marks into the cloth in my lap.  The thin cloths I make always have two interesting sides and I believe that they illustrate an interior world.  My palette is a combination of neutrals with gentle colour, my key materials are red thread, soft velvet, and time, and the recurring motifs are dot grids, horizon lines, cosmic circles, and plus-sign/crosses.  I hope to communicate at a heart-to-heart level with my work through the sense of touch.”   



Judy Martin was born in 1951 and grew up on a large property near the North-Western Ontario town of Fort Frances.   All her life Martin has studied art and in June 2012, she graduated with first class honours in the second fine art degree she has acquired through distance education.  


The artist and her husband reside on Lake Huron’s Manitoulin Island, a relatively isolated place typical of the peaceful beauty she has sought her entire life.  This self-imposed retreat has a marked effect on Martin’s work, which is grounded in the phenomenological idea that the sense of touch is the most effective way to connect emotionally with others.  Her repetitive stitches communicate directly to our inner world


Judy Martin has participated in more than one hundred group shows in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Japan and she has mounted twenty-four solo exhibitions.  The Finnish characteristic, sisu, (courage, optimism, indomitable will) sets Judy Martin’s work apart.  


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