Karen Phillips Curran

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Artist Statement

Light; dappled light, winter light, crisp autumn light, summer light, soft spring light...all are my muse. My paintings are about that magic moment when something ordinary makes you catch your breath, take time to pause, to look. I tell the story of what is often passed by. Light is discovered through darkness. Decay is made beautiful by way of being noticed. Texture is featured alongside dancing shadows. Emotions are moved to be calmed.


It takes ingenuity, passion and dedication to be a living, working, Canadian artist. Karen qualifies. A watercolourist at heart, her facility extends to other medium. Working in series, she explores different realms of thought and experience. Karen’s years of experience, as the National Art Center’s head scenic painter, has imbedded a sense of the monumental in her work. A 30 x 20 foot canvas is “normal fare” for her.  The diverse ramblings of Karen Phillips Curran's paintbrush has brought her many visions; architectural details full of texture and light, there are visions of myths, of rocky shorelines, vistas of seasonal equinox, changeable light, dancing shadows, and architectural anomalies.


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