Lauren Satok

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Lauren Satok was born in Toronto and received her BA from the University of Guelph in 2002. Shy a semester in her degree in Environmental Science she travelled to India and Nepal where she worked in rural communities helping to establish self-sustaining agricultural practices. She resumed her studies at the University of Toronto as a visiting student. There, she completed her BA while studying Art History, Visual Studies, English Literature and Pre-contact Canadian History.


 Lauren has been active as a painter, and mentor for at-risk youth and adults in Parkdale, Toronto since 2007. In 2016, Lauren moved to Manitoulin Island, where she now resides.  Lauren’s core painting practice addresses multiple lenses through which wild and built environments impact communities. These communities are often isolated, both economically and socially.



Artist's Statement

Lauren’s paintings question and explore visual conflation and disruption. By using topographical maps, architectural backdrops, photo-journaling and local lore, she explores infiltrations and settlement. Through concepts relating to land ownership (and conflict) in built and wilder environments, her paintings examine the work of painting itself, and the history of western landscape art. By considering cultural and historical disconnect in remote settings, Lauren’s work irreverently resists restricted access.


Through painterly abstractions and through limited information, she constructs images about beauty and settler culture. By bringing visual consciousness to (under)/and “developed” landscapes, newer histories and stories emerge.




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