Ralph Ingleton

Artist Statement:

Artist statement
Ralph loved to draw and paint as a child. Because he lived on a farm, his subjects reflected life there. Scenes with barns, fields, woods and animal life were his favourites. At age 10 people asked him to paint farm scenes, and the cash he received paid for his material. He also was handy at wood carving, and when he acquired a shotgun, he carved a set of decoys. Later, he began carving stone. He became very proficient and sold some of his work. 
At the North York Night School, he taught stone carving for many years and after retirement in the early 90's, worked in stone full time. Several galleries displayed his work, including Perivale Gallery.
In 2009- 10, Ralph was battling cancer and the chemo took the feeling and strength out of his hands. This ended his stone carving days.
     One day a helpful friend brought him big slabs of birch bark for fire starter.  With his chemo brain, he saw lake scenes in the bark's configurations and scars. With pen and ink, he sketched the scenes he saw in the bark. Today, lake scenes are one of his favourite themes.
Ralph has displayed his sketches in many places but thinks Perivale is the best place for the work.

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