Tammy Shane

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Artist Statement

I have been drawing and painting since childhood.  The more I paint the more I realize how much my rural upbringing influences my work. It taught me to slow down, pay attention, listen, take in my environment and record every detail on paper. Over the past few years I have moved more into realism within my immediate subject matter, accompanied by a more contemporary background.  It's a way to get closer to my subject.  By working in the nuaces I have an opportunity to re-visit a subject, time or place, and re-live an experience.  Whether the inspiration comes from a snapshot found in my travels or a birds nest in my own backyard, these visuals are translated onto canvas.  During these translations I am challenged to make each piece my own.  In a subtle fashion murmurs of charcoal drawings or handwriting might be left unpainted in the background in order to convey a hint of mystery to a  classic Canadian Songbird owl, or fox.


Colour and composition play an essential role in my work; much time is spent experimenting with the intensity and luminosity of the background while paying special attention to how the subject is composed on the canvas.  I am always learning, developing, and expanding my knowledge with each piece I create.  Even now living in suburbia I find myself moving toward and observing rural areas.  I appreciate that everyday rural imagery can be dynamic and full of life.  As I create my next body of work I will embrace those perfect moments we stumble across in nature.


A Fine Arts Graduate of Brock University, artist Tammy Shane finished the final year of her degree at Queen’s University in order to travel abroad.  Inside her Kingston, Ontario studio, Tammy works in acrylic on canvas creating works from landscapes with turbulent skies to local wildlife. With a strong background in illustration, each piece has its own personality, often presenting a very whimsical interpretation of her subject matter.  Recognized by the Ontario Arts Council, Tammy’s work is currently on view in Ottawa, Kingston and Northern Ontario Galleries.


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